Business on the Books: For Booking Experts, allow all cost types to be moved to F&B or Other revenue

Business on the Books: Fixed issue with doubling data during initial import via StayNTouch API

Rate Shopping: Updated list of supported brands for HQ revenue

Forecast: Fixed issue in Revenue Forecast report, where ADR last year was incorrect

Forecast: Fixed issue where in Forecast Trend Chart for chains did not always work

Forecast: Fixed issue where manual forecast per segment could not be saved when entering 0 values

Rate Recommendation: Negative supplements on events are now also used in the recommended rates

Rate Recommendation: Derived room types showed the maximum rate instead of the published rate for the parent room type

Rate Recommendation: Fixed issue with Booking Experts where some LOS prices for a previous week were removed when sending a rate update

Settings: List of rate plans from MEWS by default no longer contain availability block rate plans