General: Removed links for Pickup Alert and Pickup Trends email to prevent messages being marked as spam

General: Updated RoomRaccoon API URL

Business on the Books: Added option to only count picked up rooms in availability blocks for MEWS

Business on the Books: Applied new pagination options in MEWS API

Business on the Books: Performance improvement for split hotels using MEWS

Business on the Books: Improved handling of Apaleo webhooks

Business on the Books: Fixed incorrect number of rooms for "1 days" in Lead Time Overview

Business on the Books: Fixed issue where partial data could be imported from Opera OHIP

Rate Recommendation: Improved handling of new MEWS error responses when trying to clear a MinLOS restriction

Rate Recommendation: Improved Bookzo Rate Export

Rate Recommendation: Rates Check did not disable a negative event supplement

Events: Added import of location based events from HQ revenue