We have rolled out a new version of RevControl in August. Apart from a number of fixes and new connection it contains some nice new features:


In the widgets for Actuals and BOB the graph for the number of occupied rooms per segment has been enhanced to show occupancy, revenue and ADR per segment:

The Occupancy Widget now shows BOB (same point in time) and Actuals for last week, same week last month and same week last year:

Rate Recommendation

The calculation of the Competitor Based Recommend Rate did not include competitor rates with a MinLOS. This sometimes caused the competitor based rate not to be calculated if all competitors had a MinLOS on a particular day..

Now it is possible to choose to include competitor rates with a MinLOS in the calculation: (In Hotel Settings)

    - Never

    - Always

    - Only when you have a MinLOS set yourself

Rates Calendar

Some hotels have RevControl set up to recommend rates per room type. For every room type there is a separate Rates Calendar that needs to be maintained. In some cases some of the room types have a fixed supplement while other room type have a separate independent rate calculation. Now it is possible to let the room types with a fixed supplement change automatically with the base room type so only the room type with a separate calculation have a separate Rates Calendar which makes the daily work easier.

Please contact our support department if you would like to implement this.

The full list of additions, changes and fixes are below:

Version 3.6.1
– 12 August 2019

  • AddedGeneral: RevControl now supports ASSD for BOB Import and Rate Export
  • UpdatedGeneral: Updated to SmartHOTEL v2 API
  • UpdatedGeneral: Partner logo in mail messages is now the same size as the RevControl logo
  • AddedDashboard: Actuals and BOB charts now show occupancy, revenue and ADR per segment in tooltip
  • FixedDashboard: In some cases, the chain dashboard did not show when BOB data was missing for individual hotels
  • UpdatedBusiness on the Books: Improved support for recognising attachments in BOB import mail
  • FixedBusiness on the Books: Monthly Report sometimes did not work when there are too many Rate Export failures

Version 3.6

 – 1 August 2019

  • AddedDashboard: Occupancy widget now also shows same point in time BOB data from last week/month/year
  • AddedBusiness On The Books: Added support for different types of IDPMS "STAT_Management" Excel files for BOB Import
  • UpdatedBusiness On The Books: RevControl no longer requires use for market segments for MEWS
  • UpdatedBusiness On The Books: Several improvements in handling HTNG messages
  • FixedBusiness On The Books: F&B and Other revenue was missing for future dates when using Guestline
  • FixedRate Shopping: Filter by rate type (Flexible BAR / Non-Refunable) did not work for HQ revenue
  • AddedRate Recommendation: Add support to use competitor MinLOS rates in the rate recommendation. Always or only when you have a MinLOS restriction.
  • AddedRate Recommendation: Auto-derived channels can now be hidden in Rates Calendar
  • UpdatedRate Recommendation: Add support for automatic subtraction of breakfast price of fixed correction for Winner
  • FixedRate Recommendation: For HQ revenue the absolute lowest rates were used to calculate rate recommendation, instead of looking at preferred occupancy and rate type
  • FixedLogs: Rate push error messages no longer break out of the modal popup in the Published Rate Timeline