Our developers have been on a roll and added these nice features for you in release 3.7:

Business on the Books

In the comparison reports you can now select to show only monthly totals. Switch to 'period totals only' to activate.

Because when comparing to Budget not only Revenue is interessting we have added the columns Budget Room Nights, Budget ADR en Budget RevPARto the Business on the Books reports. You can select these columns in the selection box at the top of the page or add them to the default columns in the Hotel Settings.

BOB last year

The Compare History BOB report shows the BOB at the same point in time last year. Because we can only start saving up this data from the moment the interface is switched on this information is not available for newly started hotels. Until now. We have added the possibility to calculate the historical Business on the Books data from the reservation information we receive through the interface with the PMS so Compare History BOB can be used from day 1. This is available for hotels using MEWS now, and other PMS (with XML interface) will follow soon. Should you want to activate this, please contact our support department.

Competitor Index

Hotel can now be switch off for the calculation of the Competitor Based Rate calculation for weekdays only, weekend days only or both.

Competition Rate History

Is now available in list-view as well. Switch to 'table' to activate:

Minimum Length of Stay

If you have set Minimum Length of Stay restrictions in the Business Rules, RevControl can now take the occupancy of the preceding or following (or both) into consideration when recommending a MinLos restiction.

If the previous or next day is fully booked RevControl will not recommend a MinLoS. If a MinLoS is active and the previous/next day becomes fully booked RevControl will remove the MinLoS. If a MinLoS of 4 is active, and the 4th day becomes fully booked RevControl will change the MinLoS to 3.

These settings can be found in Hotel Settings/Rate Recommendation:

Business Rules

For the correct calculation of the Occupancy Based Resommended Rate it is important that the Business Rules are filled out for at least a year in advance. If this is not the case you will now see an alert on the Dashboard with a link to the respective Business Rule so you can fill out the missing information.

Monthly Report

The Monthly Report contains an overview of the competitors rates on the day of arrival for each day of the month. If a hotel was fully booked there was an empty field. From now on RevControl will show the last known rate for these days (from before the hotel was fully booked).

The full list of enhancements, changes and fixes is below:

  1. Version 3.7.2

     – 4 September 2019
    • UpdatedGeneral: Improved warning for missing business rules
  2. Version 3.7.1

     – 4 September 2019
    • AddedGeneral: RevControl now warns you when important business rules are missing
    • FixedDashboard: Line for BOB Last Month did not show in Occupancy widget
    • AddedBusiness on the Books: Monthly Report now shows the last know rate for sold out competitors
    • AddedBusiness on the Books: Added new columns for Budget RN, Budget ADR and Budget RevPAR to all reports
    • UpdatedBusiness on the Books: Add support for group blocks for ASSD
    • FixedBusiness on the Books: Fixed counting issue in group blocks
    • AddedRate Recommendation: Added option to disable auto publish rules without the need to delete them
    • FixedRate Recommendation: Recommendation for derived channels was no longer based on the parent channel published rate
    • FixedRate Recommendation: Incorrect recommendation when working with Room Type Mapping
    • AddedEvents: Add filtering by location for the automatic event import from HQ revenue
    • FixedEvents: Fixed hotel selection when adding new events
  3. Version 3.7

     – 27 August 2019
    • AddedBusiness on the Books: Compare reports can now be viewed in monthly totals only
    • AddedBusiness on the Books: RevControl can now create BOB history for MEWS and ASSD. More PMS systems coming soon.
    • UpdatedBusiness on the Books: Add support for group blocks for Winner Front Office PMS
    • AddedRate Shopping: Competitors can be separately excluded from rate recommendation for weekdays/weekends
    • AddedRate Shopping: Competition Rate History can now be viewed as a table, not just a graph
    • AddedRate Shopping: Added Competitor Based Rate Check
    • FixedRate Shopping: Competition Rate History did not show Competitor Based Recommended Rate, only Occupancy Based Recommended Rate
    • AddedRate Recommendation: Recommendation for MinLOS restriction now takes (room type) availability into consideration
    • UpdatedRate Recommendation: Rate export to IDPMS now shows up as 'pending' untill processed by IDPMS
    • FixedRate Recommendation: RN last year in Rates Calendar did not show the same day last year, but same date last year
    • AddedEvents: Now automatically import events from HQ revenue (when available in your package)
    • FixedLogs: Published Rates Timeline did not show names for removed channels in old log messages
    • UpdatedLogs: Improved performance when working with large data sets in Rate History By Arrival Date report. Now shows a maximum 500 of records.