Under the tab Forecast there are two reports.

Forecast: In this report the forecast for the upcoming 4 months is shown. In the grey bar under show, a longer or shorter period of time can be selected. Moreover, at columns it is possible to select the KPI's which are visualized.

The first table the BOB (the business on the books) and KPI's for the upcoming 4 months are shown. In the second table the actuals of the previous year are shown and the third table shows the BOB of the previous year (at the same moment in time). 

The fourth table is the automatic forecast, which is calculated by the system. The system compares the BOB of this year, with the BOB and Actuals of the previous year. When the BOB of this year is lower in comparison with the BOB of last year, the automatic forecast will be lowered and the other way around. The fifth table shows the manual forecast, in which Revenue Managers have the ability to override the automatic forecast. In this case the occupancy based recommended rate, will be based on the manual forecast instead of the automatic forecast. 

Forecast trend chart: This chart visualizes the data from the forecast report per day. At date arrival the day can be selected and at show the visualized period can be selected. The different lines visualize the different tables from the forecast report. By clicking on the names of the line, the line will disappear or appear.