Under the tab Rate Recommendation there are multiple settings

Rates - Calendar: The Rates Calendar is used for sending the adjusted prices to the PMS/Channel Manager. In the grey bar at date from ... to ... users can change the date range they want to focus on. 

The Rates Calendar consist of boxes which represent days. In the centre of the box, the published rate is visualized in green/orange/red. The colour of this rate informs the users whether the published rate is within the margins of the recommended rate. The recommended rate is located above the published rate and is shown in blue. By clicking on the blue arrow, the system will take over the recommended rate. Below the published rate, 4 KPI's are shown. Every user can decide which KPI's they want to see. In the top right corner of the box, there is a lock which can be used to lock the rate. By locking the rate, the user can assure the system will not override the set rate. In the top left corner of the box, there is an i, which contains all the information on which the pricing is based. 

In the information screen, all information is shown on which the recommended rate is based. First, the occupancy development from the last 21 days and the forecast is shown. Secondly, the events and weather of this year are shown in comparison with the events and weather of last year.

When the data is available to us in the PMS, the reservations for that day per segment are highlighted. Additionally the KPI's for this year and last year, the budget and the difference is shown. 

With competitors the last known rate of the hotels competitors and the market demand is shown. Below competitors the rate recommendation is positioned. In the rate recommendation the occupancy based rate, the competitor based rate, the recommended rate, the min daily rate and the max daily rate is shown. In the first place the system will follow the hotels' price strategy, so the occupancy based recommended rate. Only when the occupancy based rate is not marketconform, the system will switch to the competitor based rate. A occupancy based recommended rate is considered marketconform when it is between the margin of €5 higher or €10 lower than the competitor based rate.

At Published Rates the rates for the different roomtypes are shown, behind these rates the initials of the person who changed the rate and the date are displayed.

Rates can be changed in three ways. The recommended rate can be taken over, by clicking on the blue arrow. Moreover, the rates can be changed manually by clicking on the published rate and typing the new price. This way users can also add MLOS restrictions. 

The final way of changing rates is by clicking on apply recommendations in the bottom right corner. The system can take over all recommendationa or just the orange or red ones. 

Published Rates Overview: This screen provides an overview of the published price per day, per room type. In the grey bar by date from ... to a date range can be selected. Additionally, the date on which the rate is published and the initials of the person changing this rate are shown.

Auto Publish Rules: In this screen users can select whether they want the system to automatically send rates to the PMS/Channel Manager. 

RevControl can be used in three ways. The first way is fully manual, as above mentioned. The Revenue Manager needs to change all prices manually or with the apply all recommendations button for the upcoming 365 days. 

The second way RevControl can be used in fully automatic. In this set-up the system will automatically update prices up to 4 times per hour for the upcoming 365 days. You can set the system on automatic by changing the auto publish rules from 0 to 365. 

The third way of using RevControl is hybrid. In this set-up the rates of the most dynamic period, for example the upcoming 14 days, are done manually and the system will take over as from day 15. This can be set-up in auto publish rules, by setting the auto publish rules from day 15 to 365.