Under the tab Events, events can be created or imported. 

Events: Events can be created, to create awareness of high demand. When creating an event, it will show up in the Dashboard, Rates Calendar etc. 

To create an event, a name, starting date and ending date need to be filled in. Additionally, an importance must be linked to the event. The importance will affect the colour of the event, green is low, orange is medium and red is high. 

Moreover, a supplement and MLOS can be appointed to the event. However, this supplement will be on the occupancy based recommended rate, so it might not show up when the competitive based recommended rate is followed. 

Lastly, in the multi-property version of RevControl, the user can select the hotel for which the event is relevant. 

It is advised to insert events from one year ago, till at least one year ahead, so comparisons can be made. 

Import: Events can be imported by downloading the events template, completing and importing it.