We have released RevControl 3.9 with a few additions which might be useful in this difficult period


Rate Recommendation

In this period of falling demand it is important to not drop your rates (too much). There simply is no demand for the coming weeks and possibly months, and a lower rate will not be able to create demand.


Therefore you may not want your rates to be influenced by the what your competitors are doing for the nearby weeks while you want to keep your rates aligned to the market for the remainder of the year.


We have now made this possible by adding the following setting in Hotel Settings/Rate Recommendation


In the example above the Rate Recommendation for the first 90 days is based on only the Business Rules for the Occupancy Based Rate and does not take the Competitor Based Rate into consideration. After 90 days the Rate Recommendation will switch to the Combined Recommended Rate which uses the Competitor Based Rate if the Occupancy Based Rate would be too cheap or too expensive for that day.


Business on the Books

To get a quicker overview of the pickup development we have added pre-sets for the Pickup yesterday (default), Pickup of the last 3 days and Pickup of the last 7 days.


Also added is the possibility to only show the monthly totals in the report to get a clearer general overview.\


Multi-Property reports

For users with more hotels in RevControl it is now possible to make a selection which hotels should be in both the compare reports as the Business on the Books reports. Please select ‘all hotels’ to use this option.



The full list of enhancements, changes and fixes is below:

1. Version 3.9

- 16 March 2020

  • Added - Business on the Books: Added hotel selection to Business on the Books and all compare reports for multi-property organisations
  • Added - Business on the Books: The Business on the Books report can now be viewed in monthly totals only
  • Added - Business on the Books: Added date presets to quickly view pickup last 3 or 7 days in the Business on the Books and Pickup Alert report
  • Updated - Business on the Books: Improved handling of reservations for Clock PMS
  • Updated - Business on the Books: Improved handling of reservations for Apaleo
  • Updated - Business on the Books: Improved speed for Hetras BOB Import
  • Fixed - Business on the Books: Fixed manual forecast numbers in Monthly Report for multi-property installations
  • Added - Rate Recommendation: You can now select a different Rate Recommendation method for future dates, for example Occupancy Based after 90 days
  • Updated - Rate Recommendation: The Auto Publish mail will no longer show rate changed for hidden auto-derived channels, to keep mails clear and informative