Today we released version 3.11 of RevControl.


As we have all seen, the Corona measures have completely changed the booking patterns from one day to the next.

it is expected that, if the measures are relaxed in the longer term, booking patterns will normalize again,


To ensure that current bizarre booking patterns will not affect the rate recommendations for the future, we have added a new functionality to RevControl: Forecast Exclusion Dates


You can now add days or periods which display an exceptional booking pattern and which you would therefore like to exclude from the calculation of future forecasted occupancy. We have already added the period from 1 March 1 to  1 July 2020 for all hotels. If you want to change or delete this period, you can do that via Settings / Forecast Exclusion Dates. You can also add days or periods with different booking patterns here. (Hotel chains must first select a hotel before this option is visible in the menu.)



Afbeelding met monitor, schermafbeelding, scherm, telefoon

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijvingAfbeelding met schermafbeelding

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

The full list of enhancements, changes and fixes is below:


1. Version 3.11

- 22 april 2020

  • Added - General: Added Forecast Exclusion Dates (under settings) to exclude the COVID-19 dates from being use for future forecasts
  • Updated - General: Updated to latest version of Apaleo API
  • Added - Business on the Books: Pickup Today can now be enabled for chains
  • Fixed - Business on the Books: Fixed Last Year BOB occupancy and Revenue Forecast in Monthly Report for chains
  • Fixed - Business on the Books: Fixed issue where Monthly Report did not work when showing segments