Group Recommendation

Under the tab “Group Recommendation” there are multiple tools and settings



Setting up the tool

To use the group recommendation tool, it is required to fill in some essential information first. The minimum daily rates and the group discounts are used to calculate the recommended rates for groups.

Minimum Daily Rates

In this window the minimum daily rates for groups can be filled in for every segment per weekday of every month. The group recommendation tool will never recommend prices lower than the minimum daily rates filled in here. The minimum daily rates table can be easily exported to excel by using the green export button.


Group Discounts

In this window, discounts can be allocated to different group sizes per segment. This is where your group strategy is made. Different discounts or markups can be added to the three levels of total incoming revenue.

When entering discounts, percentages and numbers can both be used. Make sure to include the minus in front of the percentage or number to make it a discount on the recommended rate. Note: the recommended rate will never be lower than the minimum daily rate. Markups can also be entered in percentages and numbers.




Group Recommendation

The group recommendation tab allows you to calculate the right room price for a groups. It uses different data such as number of rooms, additional F&B revenue, meeting rooms revenue and other potential revenue to calculate a room price, based on your hotel’s availability.

To calculate the recommended rate for groups, follow these steps:

Step one: Fill in a group name, the arrival and departure date, and the expected revenue that the group will bring to your hotel. You can also select the business segment from your PMS. Click the “Get Rate” button to go to the next step.


Step two: 

In this window you will see if the group can be housed with the rooms available on the entered date. If the group recommendation is green and “OK”, there are enough rooms available. If not enough rooms are available, it is shown in red and “Not OK”.

the recommended rate is shown, calculated with the expected revenue entered in step 1. This recommended rate is calculated based on the expected revenue, the minimum daily rate, group discounts and extra revenue income.

The breakdown per day shows if there are any events planned on the entered date, the current business on the books, forecasted room nights, and the current published rate. This information can be consulted to see how the recommended price is calculated.

 The data can easily be exported to an excel file by using the green export button.


The group recommendation logs can be used to look back to group recommendation done in the past. The date and user can be entered to specify your search.