Group Recommendation

For our expert users we have launched a new functionality. The new group recommendation tool will help you calculate the right price for your groups. It uses different data such as number of rooms, additional F&B revenue, meeting rooms revenue and other potential revenue to calculate a room price, based on your hotel’s availability.

Start by filling in a group name, the arrival and departure date, and the expected revenue that the group will bring to your hotel. You can also select the business segment from your PMS.


In the next you will see if the group can be housed with the rooms available on the entered date. If the group recommendation is green and “OK”, there are enough rooms available. If not enough rooms are available, it is shown in red and “Not OK”.

The breakdown per day shows if there are any events planned on the entered date, the current business on the books, forecasted room nights, and the current published rate. This information can be consulted to see how the recommended price is calculated.

  The data can easily be exported to an excel file by using the green export button.


Complete list of changes

Version 3.16 

– 8 February 2021

  • Business on the Books: For Guestline, Protel, Siteminder and StayNTouch, during setup Market Code or Source Of
  • Business can be used for segmentation
  • Business on the Books: Trend Graphs are now enabled for all customers

  • Rate Recommendation: Improved Rate Export for Protel
  • Rate Recommendation: Improved handling of rate export when PMS is down
  • Rate Recommendation: Improved handling of very large rate updates for ASSD
  • Rate Recommendation: Allow a more flexible setup when sending rate updates to multiple PMS systems or Channel Managers

  • Group Recommendation: Added complete new group recommendation tool (available on Expert plan only) Expert plan
  • Forecast: Fixed issue with automatic forecast on day of arrival for COVID-19 excluded periods
  • Rate Shopping: Updated to HQ revenue v1.6 API