Release Notes 3.20

Last week RevControl was updated to version 3.20. This version contains many small and bigger improvements as usual. A full list can be found in RevControl in the menu option Release Notes.


A few noteworthy additions:


Rate Recommendation: The Rates Calendar now has a "Next" and "Previous" button to easily move to the next month

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Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving


Rate Recommendation: Added option to switch from Rate Recommendation method after a specific date. An example of when you would use this in your strategy is the current lock down period: Lowering your rates along with the competition will not create extra demand in this period. So it would make sense to follow your own rate structure (occupancy based rate) until 14 Januari 2022, and from then onwards use the conditional selection of Occupancy Based Rate or Competitor Based Rate again. This can be set in the Hotel Settings section under Rate Recommendation. Should you need assistance, please let us know via


Events: Previously it was only possible to add a supplement to the Occupancy Based Rate for an event date. Now you can select if a supplement should be added to the Occupancy Based Recommended Rate or to the Competitor Based Recommended Rate or to both. This enables you to use a higher rate in the market for a specific date even if the competitors do not do so.