Rate Buckets

In the "Rate Buckets" tab are multiple settings and tools that create and publish restrictions to your PMS.



Rate Buckets

On this screen, you can create one or more Buckets. Give the bucket a name (e.g. Promotions) and select the rates that belong to this bucket. These rates are retrieved from the PMS (for now this is only possible with MEWS).



Rate Buckets – Business Rules

In this screen, you can set business rules for the different buckets. For a rate bucket that is open by default, you can enter the occupancy percentage (expected occupancy) that you want to close the bucket on the weekdays.

You can also do it the other way around: a bucket that is closed by default, enter the occupancy percentage (expected occupancy) you want to open the bucket on the weekdays.



Rate Buckets – Calendar

The Rate Buckets -Calendar tab gives you an overview of all open and closed buckets per day. The buckets are listed with a green (open) or red (closed) slider. If the bucket advice differs from the status, you will see the bucket name coloured red. 

In the calendar, you will have the opportunity to open or close the bucket yourself or take over the recommendation. By clicking on apply recommendations, all recommendations will be applied. After making the changes, press 'save' to send the rate restrictions to your PMS.  


Afbeelding met tekst, schermafbeelding, kast

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving


Rate Buckets- Auto publish rules

In this screen, users can select when and/or how the system should automatically open or close the rate buckets. When the system is set to automatic it will, when it receives new data from the PMS, open or close the rate buckets based on the filled-in business rules. 

The rate buckets can be used in three ways. The first way is fully manual, as described above. The second way is fully automatic for 365 days. You can set the system on automatic by changing the auto publish rules from 0 to 365. 

The third way of using the rate buckets is hybrid. In this set-up the buckets for the most dynamic period, for example, the upcoming 14 days, are done manually and from day 15 the system takes over. This can be set up in Auto Publish Rules: from 15 to 365.

Rate Buckets -Renew rate plans

When you go to this tab, the system reloads the PMS information. This is used when you have just added a new rate in the PMS. After being on this page, you can add the new rate code to a bucket.