This week RevControl is updated to version 3.25. This version contains, apart from many updates and fixes, two new functionalities in the Rates Calendar: Bulk update & Lock per room type.

Bulk Update


a new button has been added between “reset” and “apply recommendations”. 


Bulk Update enables you to manually update price, minlos and lock for several days at once for a specific time period: 


  • Select the start date and end date for the period you wish to update. 
  • Then select the weekdays within this period you wish to update  (e.g Saturdays in August have been selected)
  • Then specify the Rate and/or MinLOS you wish to apply to the specified days in the selected period.
  • In the last box you can select if you would like the updated days to be locked. This will prevent AutoPublish from changing the updates days back to the recommended rate and MinLOS.
  • When clicking the Bulk Update button the updates will be set in the Rates Calendar and sent through to your PMS or Channel Manager.

You can also use this tool if you want to change a bulk update, or remove the lock for several days at once. You then choose Unlock selected dates. 

In this example, the bulk update removes all the locks for the month of August. 

Lock all & Lock channel:  (applicable only when rate calendar has multiple channels)

This functionality enables you to lock specific channels (room types or rate types) separately if desired rather then locking all channels. This allows you to e.g. put a minlos restriction on one of the roomtypes and not having to lock all room types so the rate recommendations for the other room types will still be dynamically updated. 

We have added an additional option in the rate calendar, next to the general lock.


When you click on the menu, you can choose ‘Lock all’ or ‘lock channel’ 

Attention! When you use ‘lock channel’ it means that the price and MinLOS do not change anymore with your base channel, until you remove the lock. 


In the Rate Calendar, we have added colour codes to see the difference between ‘Lock all’ (blue with a closed lock showing as previously) and ‘Lock channel’. When a lock is applied on a specific channel (room type/rate type) this is indicated in orange. When the locked channel is showing in the Rate Calendar you can see a closed lock in the orange bar. When the bar is orange without a closed lock showing, this indicates a different channel is locked.

If you want to see where your channel locks are on that specific date, you can click on the information button and go to the published rates.  



Last but not least, two more tips:

  • If you want to remove a lock, you can choose with the menu if you want to unlock this specific channel only or if you want to unlock all.  
  • When you just click on the lock in the top bar, you lock all the rooms, like previously. 

To see which other updates and fixes have been released, have a look at the release notes in the menu in RevControl.

Should you have any questions about these or other functionalities in this release, please contact us via