RevControl has been updated to version 3.26. This version includes several updates and bug fixes. Four of these updates we want to explain in more detail.

Save & Lock

In the rate calendar, a new option has been added to the “save” button. You can now choose to save and lock the adjusted price/MinLOS.
 Please be aware that if you take over the recommended rate and press save & lock, it will also lock that price you maybe want to fluctuate with the recommended rate.  

Refer a property

From now on, the RevControl users have the possibility to recommend a hotel as a potential new client. You only need to fill out the ‘lead form’ and our sales consultants will contact the hotel.  You will be rewarded with € 250,- if the hotel chooses RevControl as a result of the contact and signs a contract.

 You will find the ‘Refer a Property’ page down below the menu.


Multi property: start page after logging in

From now on RevControl will open the dashboard of the last hotel that the RevControl user last opened. Thanks to this change, the RevControl page loads more quickly.

Normalization of the competitor-based recommended rate

Previously, a high competitor's price, such as an outlier of €1.000, was included in the calculation of the competitor-based suggested retail price. We have now added a functionality called normalization.

This normalization means that if a competitor's price is 500% more expensive, it will not be included in the calculation of the competitor-based recommended rate. This ensures that your prices are not negatively influenced by the outlier.

If you like, you can change this default setting to your preferences. You can find the setting in: settings > hotel settings > Rate Recommendation. In the settings, you can enter the deviating percentage or absolute value. From this value onwards the competitor-based recommended rate will no longer be based on the deviating amount.

 E.g. One of the competitors has a price of € 850,-. And the average of all the competitors is € 158,-. The high price of the competitor in question differs from the average by more than 500%. This setting will exclude the high price of € 850,- as it differs by more than 500%. The calculation of the competitor-based recommended rate will be based on the remaining competitors.