Actuals - The actual results the hotel obtained in a certain period of time.

Average Daily Rate (ADR) - Total room revenue / Number of occupied rooms.

Auto Publish - A setting in which RevControl will automatically update rates from a particular moment in time.

Best Available Rate (BAR) - A commonly used base rate on which all other room types are based upon. The BAR is the cheapest non-refundable rate of hotels, mostly used in comparisons.

Budget - The goals the hotel aims to obtain.

Bulk update - Manually update price, mlos and lock for several days at once for a specific time period.

Business on the Books (BOB) - The bookings the hotel has in the books in a certain period of time.  

Channels - Different methods via which guest can make a booking.

Combined Recommended Rate - The rate RevControl recommends based on the hotels presets.

Competitor Based Recommended - The rate RevControl recommends based on the competitor index.

Competitor Index - The setting in which your own hotels and the comp set is ranked.

Competitive Set - A group of hotels which are considered direct competitors of the hotels.

Daily Index - An overview of all the rates of the competitors.

F&B Revenue- Food and beverage, the revenue which is linked to a room.

Financial Year Period - A period of twelve months, used by government, business, and other organizations in order to calculate their budgets, profits, and losses.

Forecast - Expected occupancy based on the Actuals and BOB of the previous year and the BOB and booking pace of this year.

Hurdle - Steps in the forecasted occupancy.

KPI - Key Performance Indicator. These indicators give an overview of the performance of a hotel.

Leadtime - The difference between the booking date and the arrival date.

Logs - An overview of all the changes made.

Market demand - The demand for the entire market.

Market segment - The different groups of bookings.

Max Daily Rate - The maximum rate the system will publish.

Meal Plan - The option to let the system show the rate incl or excl breakfast.

Min Daily Rate - The lowest rate the system will publish.

Minimum Length of Stay (MLOS) - Restrictions for guests to oblige them to stay at least a certain number of nights.

Non-refundable - Reservations which need to be paid in advance and will not have the opportunity to get a refund when cancelled.

Occupancy (OCC) - The number of occupied rooms/The total number of rooms.

Occupancy Based Recommended Rate - The recommended rate based on the Min Daily Rate and the Occupancy Supplements (Business Rules).

Occupancy Supplements - Supplements which add to the minimum daily rate based on the forecasted occupancy.

OTA - Online travel agencies, for example, and Expedia.

Pickup - The reservations which are made/cancelled during a certain period of time.

Pickup Threshold - The minimum amount of reservations/cancellations which must be made, to show it in the pickup alert.

Published Rate - The rate which is published on your booking channels.

Rate - The price of a hotel room.

Rate Bucket - Bucket with rate plans that can open or close by the means of business rules.

Rate Parity - A tool to check whether the hotel's rates are the same on all channels.

Recommended Rate - The rate which is recommended by RevControl based on the Occupancy and Competitor rate.

Room Revenue (REV) - The average daily rate multiplied by the number of occupied rooms.

Revenue Manager - The person who is in charge of the pricing of rooms.

Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) - The total room revenue/The total number of rooms.

Rate Shopping - A tool which is used to compare the rates of the compset.

Room Nights (RN) - The number of occupied rooms.

Room Type Availability - The unoccupied rooms per room type.