Business on the Books: Improved handling of invalid fiscal dates in Protel statistics

Business on the Books: Cancellation fees on confirmed future bookings in MEWS are now also added to the actuals room revenue

Business on the Books: Performance improvements for MEWS, fetching booking updates in smaller batches upon technical timeout

Business on the Books: Fixed issue where the Revenue on Date report did not work for HotelConnect

Rate Shopping: You can now select multiple OTA's and MinLOS settings as default, making the Daily Index as complete as possible

Rate Recommendation: Min Rate Alert was sometimes incorrectly displayed for locked derived room types

Rate Recommendation: Fixed issue where access tokens were invalidated upon a technical failure of a rate export to Lobbi by Mancloud

Group Recommendation: Now possible to add breakfast to group rate and added subtraction of city tax from rate when using 'final correction' (Expert plan)

Rate Buckets: Fixed issue where no "Pending confirmation" notification was shown when still waiting for PMS confirmation (Expert plan)